Sunday, April 15, 2012

To gym or not to gym.

Just sitting here..watching my hubby exercise and thinking about how I cannot wait to join him.

This week has brought a lot of rest time. I only went to the gym once and did an exercise video on another day. I think I have finally gotten to the point where I am just going to take it easy. Baby girl has dropped and I started having some pretty strong, but inconsistent contractions. I am in NO WAY ready for her to come. I am 36 weeks and I like my babies fully cooked.

Resting is fabulous. I am off from work all week and the past few days I have slept until 6:30/7, which may not sound late, but it is by our standards. Since I have the week off I am probably going to hit the gym a few times since I don't have the stress of work. But after this week I think I may stick to stretching and walks until she appears.

I love working out, but working out when it feels like you have a bowling ball between your legs is not that great, or productive. Not to mention when you pay for it later on with hips and nerve pain that makes you want to DIE.

I am not really worried about getting back into the swing of things after baby. My husband has been working out pretty hard, so I know he will inspire me.

So here we are. 3.5 weeks until my due date, just waiting our little ladies arrival. I hope she goes easy on me.

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