Friday, April 6, 2012

35 weeks

I am feeling HUGE. According to

You're 35 weeks pregnant! Baby is now the size of a butternut squash!
I think my squash is a very big one. I have started experiencing intense pains in my crotch and I breath a bit better now, which indicates that she is moving down into position.
I am in my final hall at work. April is a great "last full month" at work because we have a weeks vacation, plus two additional days off. So it feels very manageable. In total I have 14 days left at work. I am planning to work until May 4th and then be off from that point on, even if she hasn't arrived.
I am hoping some nesting kicks in and that I can get this house in order before she arrives.
In the fitness world, I am barely holding on. I went to the gym twice this week and am hoping to go once this weekend. The hardest part about exercise at this point is all the pressure in my crotch. I would really like to keep up 3 days a week, but it is tough.
I am weighing about 165. I feel like the baby had a growth spurt this past week. This brings my total gain to 27 lbs. Hopefully it isn't too out of control the next few weeks.
In non-baby life everything is fine. We have relatives visiting which means a lot of fun for the kids with so many friends to play with. I have today (Good Friday) off and am planning to enjoy some kiddo time and a bit of rest.
Happy Easter!

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