Saturday, March 31, 2012

A snap shot of life

The major reason I have not blogged lately is this.....

I have been sick, sick, sick and tired too. As I posted the other day, we all had the stomach flu. Mama and Charlotte got it first. It was miserable and honestly I am still not feeling so hot. My stomach is a mess and I cannot eat anything. But worst of all I pulled several muscles in my neck and back and bruised my rib cage. I am praying that I will feel back to normal next week.

This meant no gym, forcing food down and just generally trying to survive at work (I missed two days).

But on a positive note I have been trying to enjoy my babies. Liam turned 4 years old yesterday. I cannot believe I have a 4 year old. This kid certainly have a crazy streak in him. He is hyper and active and naughty...but boy do I love him. His best quality is how he treats his little sister. This photo says it all. She worships him! Liam is the major light in her life. I love watching them interact. They do fight a good amount, but she always forgives him and returns to copying his every word and move.

It is hard to believe that Ms Charlotte will be a big sister soon. I am worried for her. She is still pretty little and I already feel like it is hard to give her enough attention. I am going to work REALLY hard at making her feel special when Vivienne arrives.

Despite our illness we are doing our best to celebrate the big 4 for Liam today. We are bringing him to Boston to the Science Museum and having a special lunch and then letting him pick his present at a toy store. I hope he has a great day. I think birthdays are extra special and I always want my kiddos to feel extra loved on their big day.

And just to wrap it all up. Look at those eyes. She is my angel baby and I love her so darn much.

P.S. I finally broke down and we got the IPhone 4S. This may seem like nothing to you..but for me it was a big step. I have never had a phone other than one I got free with my plan. I HATE spending money on myself. But the pictures on this are way better than the point and shoot camera I have and I admit it is pretty cool. Maybe someday I can afford a fancy camera too.

Hopefully next week I will be reporting on my last few weeks of pregnancy AND some gym trips. I felt cruddy not being able to work out this week, but I was THAT kind of sick and had no choice.

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