Saturday, March 17, 2012

32 week bump and fitness report

I am 32 weeks pregnant, which means there is now less than 2 months left until Vivienne is due to arrive. I have really started thinking about delivery and baby prep, but I haven't done much else to prepare. March is my busiest work month and school has been crazy, so I am looking forward to April and that is when I will get some last minute stuff done.

Anyhow. I debated over being brave enough to post a bare belly picture. I think this is a good week to do so, as I am not quite HUGE yet, but certainly big enough to get an idea of what's to come.

So here it is:
Excuse the fact that I have on no makeup and it looks like I am bald. It was 6am and no beautification had been done at this point.This is what 32 weeks and plus 25 lbs looks like.

I am doing okay. I can't say I am great, mostly because sleeping is not really very fun. But I am usually fine once I am up and out of bed. I just don't move as fast as I used to. My husband is my saving grace and helps me a ton.

It is key for me to go to bed early and do some stretching and small pelvic and back exercises before sleep. This seems to help a lot.

32 weeks is a big bench mark for me this pregnancy because in my prior pregnancies this is when I basically stopped exercising. I worked out much harder throughout this entire pregnancy, but the last two times I did do videos, walking, prenatal yoga, etc. I am really hoping to stay motivated and to keep up my routine. I have had to change it up, based on how much sleep I get and how I feel, but in one way or another I have been active.

I have worked through every pregnancy and at work I am on my feet the majority of the day, as well as walking around. That is probably the major reason why I didn't gain too much weight. This time I am eating better and doing much more lifting. Not to mention I have two toddlers at home to chase and rarely do I sit around doing nothing when I am home. It doesn't seem to have changed the weigh gain much, but I feel like my body is tighter and that I look better. I really hope it helps things after she is here.

So I thought I would post last week's schedule to motivate me and to show what I am managing to do at this point of pregnancy. I will start with last weekend.

Saturday: Rest. Though I am pretty sure that I exerted way too much energy taking the kiddos to the playground and library.

Sunday: A few miles of trail walking with the family

Monday: Gym: 20 minutes very high intensity arch trainer hills and then some moderately heavy lifting. After work we walked a few miles on the bike path but it was SLOW going because the kids kept stopping to explore.

Tuesday: Prenatal exercise video w. the hubby (Summer Sanders) and lots of stretching

Wednesday: Gym: various intervals and  weight work

Thursday: Rest and stretching

Friday: Gym: lifting, core and 20 minutes high intensity hills on elliptical

Saturday (today): we may go swimming later or maybe an exercise video

Sunday: will most likely be a long walk in the woods.

I think this isn't too bad and it is pretty typical.The only difference was that we didn't make it to the pool mid week, which we have been doing with the kids. I love swimming while pregnant and I am sure we will go next week. Some weeks it is 4 times to the gym, but I needed the rest this week.

So hopefully I can keep it up for the next few weeks. I am working right until the end, so I really need to feel good.

Wish me luck.

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  1. I think you look great! Keep up the great work!