Sunday, May 6, 2012

Come on out little lady, we love you.

Maybe if I am really nice to her she will make her entrance.
I am approaching my due date and wondering when the little lady might make her appearance. Last night's Supermoon didn't seem to do the trick. Neither did a long walk or any other trick I might have pulled out.
I know she will come when she is ready, but it is always hard to wait.
I am officially on maternity leave, which is a fabulous feeling...but now this waiting game has really started.
Baby Vivi was good to me. She let me finish up work and she let me make my hair appointment yesterday...which was very important being that who knows when the next time will be that I can get my haircut again (I am interested to see how this juggling of 3 little ones will go). So now we just have to wait for her to make her grand entrance.
I am getting excited and anxious to meet her. It is amazing to think that I get to welcome one more baby into the world and spend time getting to know what kind of little person she will be. I worry for her so much already. Birth is beautiful, but also a little bit scary. I am afraid of things going wrong...even though deep down I believe all will be just fine.
So my next blog post will hopefully introduce a happy and healthy Vivienne.
I leave you with this...mama at 39 weeks, 2 days..........

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