Sunday, May 20, 2012

Loving where you live

Now that we are done the baby making and baking phase of life, we are turning our energy to the homefront. Namely garden planting, chicken raising and making small improvements where we can. So far we (and by we I really mean my husband) is on a roll. Since my return from the hospital, only one week ago, he has done the following:
Planted tons of potted plants to surround the yard including tomato, lettuce, kale, blackberries, broccoli, herbs and taken a few trips to the local greenhouse for more.

Transferred all 30 chicken into their coop, which I assure you is no small feet..those suckers are fast

Helped me wrangle grouchy, attention seeking children

Started to clear the big field for ground planting, which starts next week

Let big boy "drive" the tractor so he doesn't feel left out.

Put a whole lotta dirt into pots

Straightened the yard for summer nights that are creeping up on us.

Pushed baby girl in her swing because she would rather be there than anywhere else.

Finished off a part of the porch which has been nagging us to get finished for two years. Now we can really enjoy the porch rockers and swing that I love so much.

And this is a huge part of why I love where I live. Because my husband works hard to make it home for us all. A beautiful home that he built himself. A place where I can be happy just watching my kiddos in the yard. With our newest baby in her rock and play in the shade, I sit an observe and I like feeling the security of my own yard and I love watching my kids learn about plants, animal and nature right in their own back yard. And of course it helps that we have the beach only 2 miles away.

In my eyes there is no better balance than a small little "farm" and the freedom of playing on the beach. I hope to continue to gain more of an appreciation for all I have and where I live. I will never be wealthy, but I know I have a lot to be thankful for.

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  1. Your porch is to die for! As are all the plants you planted :)