Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let's talk food (and water) again...finally!

Alright, I admit..this used to be a food blog and now it is totally NOT.

There is something about morning sickness and pregnancy fatigue that prevents a gal from wanting to talk food. However, I am still taking what I eat very seriously and once I stopped feeling sick I really did start eating better.

I do "cheat" a lot more now. By cheat I mean if I really want something, I get it. I love food and it is nice to give into pregnancy cravings when it is worth it. But I also learned the hard way that if you use pregnancy as an excuse to eat like crap, your body will look MUCH worse post-partum. So I eat as healthy as I can most of the time, and I don't feel to bad if I get a burrito on a random Wednesday night (like say, last night).

So what have I been eating.

Here's a sample pregnancy menu from today:

-Wake up, drink 12 ounces of water (baby and mama feel MUCH better when hydrated)
-Smoothie: scoop of natural whey protein, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, scoop of natural pnut butter with flax and ice
-1 cup of french vanilla coffee w/ skim milk and 2 tsp turbinado sugar (yes, I drink caffeine while pregnant, judge away if you would like)

Lots of water before work

Mid-morning snack
Low fat string cheese
water, water and more water

handful of almonds and handful of dried cranberries
dinner leftovers of taco fixings (chicken, brown rice, black beans and salsa)

Late afternoon snack
Rice crispy treat

Wild mushroom cous-cous topped with
Sauteed mushrooms, red peppers and garlic topped with black pepper and feta cheese
2 large water with lemon

Late night snack
Chobani Lemon Greek yogurt with chopped pecans mixed in and topped with a squirt of whipped cream
2-4 large glasses of water

And chances are, I will have another rice crispy treat.

This is pretty typical for me. Pregnant or not, I eat a lot of the same things. In my non-preggo world I probably would not have a second crispy treat, or whipped cream on my yogurt...but otherwise pretty typical.

Tomorrow I am having just about the same, except lunch will be leftover mushrooms and couscous and dinner will be homeade spimach, tomato and mushroom pizza on whole wheat crust (one of the family favs)

You might be wondering why I am mentioning ALL the damn water I drink. Well obviously we know water is important, BUT it is especially important to this pregnant chick. I am almost always dehydrated if I don't make a concious effort to drink a TON of water. If I get dehydrated I get day long headaches. My water intake really effects my ability to function. So yeah, that's what's with the water.

I love food and I especially love cooking with as many fresh veggies as possible. I look forward to getting back into clean eating and blogging about my post-pregnancy body stuff.

But until then...I will continue to grow a healthy little baby and hope my butt doesn't grow as fast as my belly.

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