Sunday, January 22, 2012

24 weeks preggo

Oh boy, 6 months pregnant now, life seems to fly by, I am feeling good: minus the nighttime hip and crotch pain, weight has slowed down (thank goodness), eating pretty healthy but giving in to occasional temptations, am both happy and sad that it will not be long before I am done growing babies and moving on to just raising the 3 I have been blessed enough to have, have to drink the nasty diabetes drink next week...I better not fail, so glad to have a husband who helps, I think we have a name but I have commitment issues, little girl names are so cute, and the belly grows and grows......................................
24 weeks, 2 days

I am weighing in around 154 (up 16 lbs, yikes!), which is about the same for the past few weeks. I think I was eating too much salt a few weeks ago and the reason I haven't gained is because I have been eating cleaner and drinking tons of water.

Baby girl is kicking and twirling a lot in there. That feeling NEVER gets old.

I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for her arrival. I think after 2 kiddos I just figure there isn't much that I need a head of time. We have all the big stuff, just need a few small things. The difference between what matters during your first pregnancy compared to your last.

I had a rough start to my week this week. One of our kiddos was not sleeping AT ALL early in the week and I just did not feel so good. I got it together later in the week and was back at the gym. Working out still feels great and I am so glad I can still do it.

I have one big worry this week, because pregnant chicks worry..that's just how it is. I am worrying about what the results of my 28 week ultrasound will be. I had placenta previa at my last appointment and I am just praying it has fixed its self. I do NOT want to give up exercise, be on best rest, or have a c-section ALL of which are a possibility if the damn placenta is still in the way.

Otherwise all is well. I am happy and am just glad that our little family will soon be complete.

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  1. Ahh you look fabulous!! BTW - I found the Apple Cinnamon Chobani at my Walmart :)