Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's 4am, what are normal people doing?

Yup, I still wake up this early to go to the gym. I took about a week off last week due to the restrictions the doctor put on me and the fact that I didn't feel well and just needed a break.

But here I am again, back into my old routine.

I like my morning workouts. Most days it isn't even hard to get out of bed. However, I am a bit worried about the winter.

I started this routine last April. Before that I had been working out at night in my basement. I had no choice at the time, as my daughter was still nursing around the clock and I couldn't leave at 4am.

Now it is October (still warm) and I am dreading the onset of cold weather. I HATE being cold. I live in New England, the mecca of cold, unpredictable winters and 4am is going to be miserable in January.

I am worried about getting lazy and giving up. Maybe I can save up for an automatic car starter?...hmm.

Perhaps I can plaster pictures of Jessica Biel's Body to my alarm clock and mirror just in case I get tempted to slip back into bed.

I don't know...but maybe thinking this through now will help me next month. Scraping windows, in the dark, at 4am is frightening me already.

Can I convince the husband to move to California? Probably not.

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