Thursday, July 5, 2012

Serious Randomness

After a late night I am feeling disconnected, tired and totally let's go with that.

Here are some random passing thoughts/ facts of the week.

Fireworks are awesome but getting your kids totally off schedule is intense when there are 3 of them who thrive on sleep.

Swim lessons are going well, it is amazing what my son will do for a young lifeguard in a bikini that he will not do for me.

I love lifting, and have had some good workouts. However running is not going as well...the right side of my pelvis is so jacked up from having babies, but I will not give up.

I have 3 friends from work who signed up for the Diva Dash with me. We are in the 2pm heat and I am so glad not to have to start alone.

If you have not tried So Delicious coconut coffee creamer (vanilla), PB2, Yasso frozen Greek yogurt bars or Trader Joes dark really should. They are my latest obsessions.

I have no desire to read 50 Shades of Grey 1. it sounds disturbing 2. I am a literary snob 3. I have no time

I threw out a giant tub of the best Spinach and Artichoke dip ever because I would eat the crap out of it if it was in the fridge and I am proud of myself for this

I wish I had more time for my friends and I feel bad when I miss their showers, etc....but it is just so hard.

I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out how many roosters we have in our new batch of chickens and contemplating what to do with the one's we can't keep (which probably means shooting them since you CANNOT have more than 2 and probably only 1)

Our garden is looking good (thank you honey) and I have picked and will cook our first ready pepper tonight in our spicy burrito bowls.

I am wondering how I can train to be able to do unassisted pull ups...where do I even start when anything involving that type of strength is so damn hard for me? I still do incline push ups. I suck.

I am probably going to start  taking a small group boot camp once a week with a trainer at our gym..maybe this will help with the push ups.

I would give just about anything for all kids to be asleep by 7:30 has been a long week.


  1. You totally can do this lady!! No "real" runner I know would EVER look down on you for being in a race. I ran my first half WAY slow and still walk when I run long distance. Just think ... you'll be lapping everyone sitting on the couch ;)

  2. You have to shoot the roosters?! Yikes! So excited for you about the Diva Dash! Next year I promise I'll be with ya!

    1. I will hold you to it...that is if I survive this year

  3. I have no desire to read 50 Shades either.

    I'm giving running a try too and it's definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be!

    1. It is really so hard..a totally different kind of being in shape. I hate feeling weak and that's how it makes me feel