Friday, December 2, 2011

Bellies grow and grow


17 weeks. Time is flying by. Maternity clothes are all I wear now. Bigger than I was with kids 1 or 2 (they say that happens). Hoping my butt doesn't get any bigger...which is part of why I work out. Glad my boobs have grown. I will miss then when I am done nursing. Big ultrasound next week.Hope all is well. Still planning to keep the sex a suprise. The kids at school are sweet about pregnancy and it makes me love being a teacher. I have a ridiculous craving for sour cream and onion chips. I ate some. They weren't what I dreamed of. Will try to wear this shirt for all further bump shots. Gained about 10 lbs. Hoping that slows down, but not too worried. This is my last time at all of this. Bitter sweet.

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