Sunday, November 6, 2011

These days.....

I got an inspiration for this post from SouleMama, who happens to write the best blog EVER. I want to be like her if I ever decide to follow my real dream.


These days, this little girl:

is still trying to get away without walking. She can, but she doesn't much..why would she? Big brother gets her everything she needs.

These days, she is a bit of a climber and bumps her head a bit too much.

These days, she has a lot to say but her favoritete words are "Cowboy" (our dog) and "Beef" (her brother's words for passing gas...oh GREAT)

These days I cannot believe that soon there will be another baby and she will be a big sister, there is nothing "big" about her.

These days I am so grateful for getting to have a little girl, because the testosterone around this place can be overwhelming.

These days she has started to idolize her big brother. Her eyes light up when he enters the room and she follows him around as much as possible.

These days I am glad to be done nursing, but am sad that my baby likes to go in her crib with her dollie instead of rocking with me.

These days I am grateful that she is a much better sleeper than her big brother, because I am not sure I could handle two horrible sleepers.

These days Mr. Charlie is into shoes, Little Einsteins, her dollies, dancing to any hip hop music and climbing on the kitchen table.

These days she is even more beautiful, it's like her eyes are getting bluer and her dimples deeper.

These days I worry for her..that she will make my mistakes, make the wrong decisions but then I remember she has a daddy who will protect her, and a brother, and a mama too of course.

These days I wonder if I might have to pack up her little dresses, tights and sun hats for good because I am getting a boy vibe from this baby in my belly.

These days I relish the sweet sound of her baby voice saying "mama, I luuuuv yew" over and over until I pick her up and I try to give her as much one on one time as I can before she has to share her mama with yet another.

These day, Ms Charlotte is growing up too fast. Love you baby girl.

Check out how pretty our princess is (and of course how cute the rest of us are too) at our family picture link:

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  1. we have the same Gymboree dress for next summer :)
    such a sweet post!