Saturday, November 5, 2011

A great week

YES!!! Finally a good week.

I am feeling about a thousand times better than last week. This alone makes it a great week, but some other good stuff happened too...

On the health front
I made it to the gym three times. Which is better than last week, when I went once. I actually had a decent workout or two and feel energized to get back on Monday. I actually would have gone more, but with Halloween on Monday, the earlier part of the week was a bit exhausting and I had a I didn't push it. Cold was gone by Tuesday and I was at the gym Wed-Fri morning.

I am also eating better. My nausea is not so constant and my aversion to some of my old favs is almost gone. There have been a lot more veggies this week. Today I am making a slow cooked Italian pot roast and red, garlic smashed potatoes...I am in a home cooking mood.  I will confess I did hit the Halloween candy a bit harder than I would have liked, but I chopped the rest of it up last night and baked it into brownies for the kiddos, so no more temptation there.

I have been debating if I want to share the pregnancy weight journey...and I have decided I will. Let me just explain that I am sharing this because I want people to see the reality of gaining during (what I hope will be) a healthy pregnancy. This is not for the same reasons as I was recording my weight before baby. I am NOT holding myself accountable because I know my body will gain what it needs to gain, and I hope that exercise might help me maintain a healthy gain. I gained around 30 lbs with my other pregnancies, which I was fine with. It would be nice if I could keep it under that number, simply because I intend to exercise more and eat better than I did...but I will gain what I gain and that is okay with me.

My starting weight on the day I found out was 136.5 lbs.
This morning I weighed 140.9 lbs at 13 weeks pregnant.

The good news is I weighed 145 lbs when I got pregnant with my daughter and about the same with my I am starting off at a better weight.

On the baby front
I had my NT scan this week, which is an ultrasound to check for genetic abnormalities. It was a lot of fun. The baby was more developed then I was expecting and the ultrasound was pretty clear. I also measured a week a head and I think they will be readjusting my due date. This put me at 13 weeks, and the tech was pretty certain based on babies size and development. He/ she was bouncing all around in there and I could feel it too. Even after two other babies, it doesn't get old. I had a boy vibe the whole time I was watching baby. I was thinking girl before, but my new guess is boy. The better best part is that it looks like the hematoma I had before has probably cleared up and that risk has diminished..wohoo.

All and all I am good and am happy to be feeling better. It is soo much easier to be excited when you feel good physically.


  1. Wahoo!! at our NT scan, our tech guessed a boy and she was right!

  2. Glad you're feeling better! I gained 32 lbs with my pregnancy ... the recommended weight gain is between 25-35 lbs so I think your 'goals' are not only realistic but healthy for you and baby :)

    Yay for preggos working out! Keep it up mama!