Sunday, June 3, 2012

Staying sane with 3 kids

What is going on in our world...
We have done a lot of playing. The kiddos have been pretty crazy and attention seeking now that they have a tiny baby to compete with. So this mama has been doing a lot of refereeing and putting on shows to keep the monkeys happy and going.

There have been bubble baths
Helping with the gardening

Bike riding and playgrounding
I love this picture above. Today we had a fun family day that started with an event that we go to each year called Touch-a-Truck. It is a kid friendly fundraiser where they can go and hop in and climb on many different work trucks, construction equipment, tractors, buses, etc. It is a fun time and we always run into many of our favorite families. Charlotte is sitting next to her friend Nate above and boy does she look thrilled. She has such a little attitude!!!!
Liam and his pal Colby in the firetruck
Our family loves John Deere

Daddy and his girl

Today was a good day, maybe even a great day. We had Daddy with us, which is always a treat as he works a lot. We had good, healthy, family fun. We also got some decent lunch and frozen yogurt. And all of this was topped of with me coming home and taking a 2 hour nap with the baby. Now THAT is a real treat. I was starting to feel a bit zombie like with the lack of sleep and needed some catching up. The most annoying thing about having a new baby and small kids is reading all of the articles and advice columns that say you need to "find time for yourself, or sleep when the baby sleeps, or do not lift anything over 10 lbs" hahahaha, yeah right.

So on that note, the other struggle I am having is when to return to exercise. I am pretty physically active with the kiddos all day and I am still sore and have stitches that have not dissolved.Ii really want to start working out, as I know it will lift my mood and my natural energy level...but I also am afraid to do more harm than good. I had thought about starting cardio this week and I may do a test run on Tuesday to see if I can handle it (on our home elliptical) and then if it goes okay I may start to try and get up for the gym.

 I don't think I will lift anything until my 6 week appt and when my stitches are gone. It sure is hard to wait, mostly because I worked really hard to stay fit throughout my pregnancy and I feel like it is slipping away. But damn does my pelvis still hurt.

Stay tuned for my one month post baby update.

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  1. Glad you're hanging in there and trying to take it easy when you can! And you're doing the right thing not rushing back into workouts and listening to your body. So I'm curious, has 2 to 3 kids been an easier transition than 1 to 2??

  2. I think in some ways it is easier. I am waaay more laid back and I know to enjoy the moment. I find ways to get things done and I don't freak out as much when things don't go as planned. I am also better about asking for help.

    The hardest part is getting packed up/ in the car/ out of the car...that is much harder with 3, but that is in part due to the fact that the other two are still pretty young and everyone is in car seats.

    It is a lot of fun though..and luckily my husband and I have each other to laugh with when all hell breaks loose.

    Sooo are we thinking of number two????