Monday, July 18, 2011

My babies and when health backfires

I just have to brag about my kids here for a second. i just love them to pieces (as all mama's do) and I think they are just so great. Despite the infrequent melt-downs (like the one my son had at the fair last night) they are so sweet and kind. My son has such great manners and listens to others. He shares with other kids and I love that I can let him be when we are with other families and not worry that he is going to hurt someone or be unkind.

I think of them when I am at the gym or feeling lazy. I want them to live healthy, active lives and I know I need to lead by example. I make a TON of mistakes when it comes to parenting my babies. It is seriously freaking hard work. I get down on myself about it a lot...but all in all I have some pretty fabulous kids so I must be doing something right.

Here they are:

Sorry...I was just in the mood to brag about them.

Now onto my health backfiring.
 Last night we went to the County Fair. I am not going to lie, I LOVE me some fair food. I could seriously eat my face off at those things. I knew I needed to get some dinner and I tried my best to be good. I decided on a steak tip/ veggies and rice platter. Now this was probably hugely high in calories and fat. I know for sure the veggies were cooked in tons of oil. But I also knew I would be getting some nutritional value, as the plate did have a good balance of veggies and protein. I also knew it would fill me up so I didn't cave to all the sweet and fried treats.

Well on my third bite of the steak I coughed and sucked a huge piece of steak into my throat. My husband had to give me the Heimlich in front of a huge crowd  of people and some of our friends. I totally drooled on the table and everything. After a few seconds it came up. Holy scary! I should have just got the damn fried dough like I really wanted.

Happy to be alive today.


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